Correction Tape: Tips for Selection and Use

Living in a digital world means most of the things we do are online, at the touch of our fingertips - whether its an application form, insurance policy or any other digital documents. That explains why we are used to the fact that mistakes can be erased and corrected with a few buttons. That being said, there are still countless times we find ourselves in situations where we have to use an actual writing instrument - a pen

Now, when you are writing with a pen and you make a spelling error or a small mistake, instinctively you would want to just cross that out - but that would just make the note or document look messy and less professional. Here’s where correction tapes come into the picture! It is a handy tool that is easy to use and can effectively cover your writing mistakes.

What Is a Correction Tape?

A correction tape is an alternative to correction fluid used to correct mistakes during writing. It comes in a small plastic dispenser. The tape is a film with a clear side and on the other side is the white coating material. Upon application on the paper, you can immediately write over it. Best part, the white coating material is odourless and does not have the strong chemical smell like the correction fluid.

Since it has become an indispensable aid in day-to-day school and office life, there are many different types of correction tapes by different stationery brands. If you are looking to purchase the best correction tape for your use, do read through the list below for tips on selection.

Correction Tape

Fast Drying

One of the more important criteria to pay attention to is whether the correction tape is fast drying - in other words, if any drying time is needed. Most correction tapes dry fast, however, there are some that take slightly longer and that can be quite a letdown. If it doesn’t dry completely and you start writing on it, you will only end up with a smeared paper.

Check out SDI CT-750 I-Smart Correction Tape which requires no drying time - which means instant rewriting over the correction tape. This is great for students in a hurry during exams or note-taking.


There are two common types of material used for the white coating on a correction tape -  paper and polyester.

The difference? Well, the paper base material looks more identical to a piece of paper and basically has these camouflage properties, but it tends to break much easily during application. On the other hand, the polyester base is more plastic-like and more durable. It has less chance of breaking during application, but it will be visible on the paper.

Width of Tape

The size of the tape matters as ideally, you would want to cover your mistake with one neat stroke but not too thick as it might cover the letters above or below the line. A standard correction tape size is 5mm, which is a printed 12-point font size.

Plus WH-635 Correction Tape

Plus WH-635 Correction Tape comes with a 5mm tape size and a mini roller head for smooth, consistent corrections. For a more affordable option, check out M&G Correction Tape ACT51971 - for just RM1.70, it also comes with a smooth-rolling system.

Size of Dispenser

Correction tapes come in all shapes and sizes – long, short, wide, and thin. You want to choose the shape and size of the correction tape carefully as having an ergonomic comfort while using the tape is important.

Papermate Dryline Ultra Correction Tape

Check out Papermate Dryline Ultra Correction Tape - the pen-style design is designed in a way that is comfortable for both right and left handed users. You can use it for a long period of time without any discomfort. It also features a tip guard that prevents damage to both the tip and tape, while the tape itself is strong and tear-proof to prevent breaking in general.

Rewind Function

A correction tape that has a rewind function will be useful when it comes to tapes that could potentially break along the way. That way, you will be able to reverse the tapes and go through the correction tape once more to reduce any wastage. The Changli CR-919 Correction Tape 30m is non-toxic environmentally friendly tape that comes with a rewind function.

Plus Correction Tape MR WH 605

Easy to Refill

Regardless whether you use a correction tape frequently or not, it would be best to purchase one that can be refilled easily. Not only does Plus Correction Tape MR WH 605 come in a slick design with a flexible head that can be maneuvered to perform detailed corrections, the refill cartridge can be removed and replaced easily. In fact, the Plus Correction Tape – Refill retails at only RM28.50 for a 10-pieces value pack.

How to Use: You can get the most out of your correction tape if you have the right method of dispensing the tape. For application, align the flat tip of the correction tape over the line of text you want to correct. Apply pressure down to the paper and slide it to the right. Once you have reached the end of the line, simply lift it up.

Correction tapes are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Once you have narrowed down your preferences, you will be able to decide on the correction tape that suits you best. At Lion File, we have a variety of this staple product and many other office supplies. Head over to our online store to start browsing!