How to improve collaboration in workplace?

No successful orgranisation runs successfully without collaboration in the workplace. Collaboration in the workplace involves individuals working together to solve problems across departments, management levels and functions. 

Ultimately, the goal of workplace collaboration is to maximise the chances of success by administering an open, communicative and collaborative experience among all members of an organisation. Each member of the team is like another resource or tool that other team members can leverage to make better and smarter decisions. In addition, working together in team promotes healthy employee relationships leads to which better team performance and increases overall productivity.

Tips to improve workplace collaboration

1. Inspire from the top down

The number one thing that any leader can do to improve workplace collaboration is to lead by example. Instead of using mass emails, executives should begin using workplace collaboration tools when communicating with employees. This not only opens up new lines of communication from the bottom up, inspiring employees to follow along and use these tools for their own projects. Some useful collaboration tools such as whiteboards, flip chart boards, marker pens and Post-it Note increase visual communication among colleagues. 

2. Be flexible

Be flexible. Because there are various personalities and experiences in the mix, it is critical to continuously adapt to different practices and needs of team members. You should not expect everyone to follow a single process. Instead, recognise that there will be differences in the way others execute things and find different ways to approach those differences without being judgmental. Always observe and communicate to know and understand the differences. Be flexible enough to accept and adapt to these differences is crucial to improve the collaboration in the workplace. 

3. Team Building Games

Games are one of the best and funniest ways to build new relationships, fostering existing relationships or fixing and improving old relationships. It could be as simple as playing a favourite team sport like basketball, football, disc golf or even a water sport. Simple team building activities such as barbeque gathering or going to a movie together and other problem-solving games are also effective ways to teach employees how to trust one another’s judgment, problem-solving skills in a group, communicating effectively and most importantly break the ice. 

4. Streamlining work process

Breaking down company silos can help employees reach out with valuable suggestions and feedback that will help streamline a company’s processes. This improves team collaboration and if the proposal is implemented, can make an employee feels like he belongs. Always encourage brainstorming and ask your team to come up with ideas around streamlining and how to implement them.

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