Label 101: Quick Guide to Labelling at Home and Office

Organizing can be therapeutic for some, but spending hours organizing the same space over and over again is rather frustrating. Fortunately this frustration is avoidable by using labels. It’s the key to a well-maintained organizational system. Here’s why you need it. The overall purpose of labelling is to create easy identification which essentially helps to save time. Most labelling is done to get items organized and also for safety reasons. 

The thing is labeling can be super fun and useful when it comes to organization at home or even at your office. You can use a mixture of the basics - label and stickers and if you are creative, coloured papers and pens are the way to go. By the time you are done with this article, you will be equipped with the best labelling techniques and its importance.

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To start off, let’s dive into why using labels when organizing are important.

  • Saves Time
    Organizing with labels will help you find things way faster, thanks to the clear description to identify each item. This in turn will help you save time and those small seconds would add up to minutes and potentially even hours.
  • Increase Productivity
    With proper organization using labels and stickers, you can efficiently locate things and focus on the important tasks. The smoother workflow will result in maximized productivity as well.
  • Eliminates Stress
    It’s rather stressful to frantically search for something you need, especially if you are in a rush or when someone is waiting for it. By using labels, you can avoid the issue and keep your stress levels low.
  • Reduces Clutter
    A home or office that has the right labeling techniques and practice in place will naturally be a tidier space with less clutter. Reason being, everything is categorised accordingly and it will be so much easier to arrange and maintain things as it is.

    Next, let’s learn about the types of labelling and understand how to use labels to organise.

    • Label food containers to indicate a specific ingredient due to allergies
    • Label food containers with dates to keep track of expiry date
    • Label to indicate that the item is fragile or hazardous
    • Label to indicate medications
    • Label to identify the contents of a closed container or bin
    • Label to differentiate multiple items that may appear similar
    • Label to help children organize things - toys, snacks, clothing, etc
    • Label to identify personal belongings of family members

    Jar Labels

    Finally, here are a few different ways to label.

    Label Maker

    This is a very handy tool to have at home. Creating labels has never been easier with a label maker. These types of labels are also perfect for labeling narrow shelves or small items that don't have room for a larger label. For example, it can be used to label the tabs of files and binders.

    Label Stickers

    Label stickers come in different colours, shape and size to cater to specific needs and preferences. Since it’s also easy to use and customizable, it’s a great and fun way to cultivate organizing habits in your young ones. Get creative and teach them to start labelling their toy bins and boxes. Permanent markers are perfect to ensure that the labels are long lasting and remain visible over time.

    Adhesive Vinyl Labels

    If you are all about achieving that Pinterest pantry, vinyl labels are the best as it’s very neat and aesthetically pleasing. It can also be customized to different colours and fonts. The only downside is having to purchase a vinyl cutter which could be slightly expensive.

    Hence why one of the best labeling methods would be to use label stickers as it is affordable and easily accessible. Plus, you can also choose between printable or hand writable label types. Regardless of the method you choose, labeling will make a great impact in organizing your office and home.

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