Pen Buying Guide | Find the Right Pen for Your Writing Style

Are you looking to buy the right pen to match your writing style? If you are a pen enthusiast, you will know that pens are a key part of your writing experience. Pens are irreplaceable even with the inventions of tablets and phones as it helps writers think through their work in a way that is not possible on screen. Not everyone is lucky to stumble upon their favourite pen, many must go through the process of buying and testing out various pen types before making the right choice to suit different writing needs.

Whether it’s for office use, note-taking at university, arts and crafts projects at home or simple writing needs, Lion File has the right pen for you. We have put together the ultimate buying guide for pens to make choosing the right pen for you a seamless process. Read on to understand the differences between the types of pens available and make the right choice.

The Ballpoint Pen

Most ballpoint ink is oil-based and dries immediately, making it one of the most used pens. The ink is delivered over a metal ball at the point of the pen, resulting in a pen that is reliable and leak-free. It is suitable for students taking notes in university or quick scribbles at the office. Additionally, ballpoint pens are one of the cheapest in the range of pens available and can be easily purchased in bulks.

Ballpoint Pen


For example, Faster CX 1076 Ball Pen is popular for its colourful choice of ballpoint pens and retailing at only RM96.00 for 120 pieces [currently on sale for RM76.80]. Accompanied with a grip zone, it is super comfortable for long-lasting writing performance. If you are looking for something in a formal colour but looks pretty, Faber-Castell K-One Ball Pen is your go-to pen. It comes in a pack of 30 pieces and priced at RM23.40 [currently on sale for RM21.06]. That’s not all, each pen is wrapped with a beautiful foil of digital flowers. Moreover, everyone has got their different writing needs and would prefer to have a choice of the nib point size. G'Soft WG5 Ballpoint Pen is available in 2 different point sizes – 0.5 and 0.7, and retails at only RM31.50 for 50 pieces [currently on sale for RM23.00].

Pro-Tip: The way a pen delivers ink depends on your style of holding it, the amount of pressure you apply and the type of pen you have.


The Fineliner Pen

The fineliner pen is normally used for creative purposes. Perfect for drawing and sketching as the nib type allows for fine, controlled line work. If you are interested in calligraphy, this could be your favourite pen! Unlike metal-tipped pens or traditional brushes and dip pens, fineliner pens require no special care to use. This makes them accessible for beginners and everyday writers while also allowing experienced users to work easily.

Fineliner Pen


The Artline 220 Superfine Pen 0.2 and Artline 400 Fine Pen 0.4 are available in blue, black and red and selling at only RM2.40 per piece. It gets better – say hello to waterproof ink! The instant drying, water-based and blur proof ink is suitable for everyone. On top of that, if you are venturing into the creative industry, you would want to invest in a fineliner pen set. Artline came up with the Artline Drawing System Pen that comes in 12 pieces per box, priced at RM57.60 [currently on sale for RM51.84]. What makes the set super interesting is it comes in 6 different point sizes (0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, and 0.8mm). The acid free, water-based pigment ink in the Artline technical drawing pen is water resistant and fade proof making it ideal for drawing.


The Gel Pen

The gel pen is perfect for cards and illustration as the gel ink leaves a vibrant colour on paper. It also creates a clearer script than its ballpoint counterparts due to the water-based ink formula, which makes gel pens sought out for their water resistance. The pens give a very smooth writing experience and in certain circumstances, great for signatures. However, gel pens take much longer to dry than ballpoint, so try not to touch the paper right after using a gel pen on it.

Gel Pen

Let’s begin with the Faber-Castell True Gel that comes in various colours and different nib point sizes. The pen is known for its smoothness and effortless glide while writing. The fade-proof and water-proof ink makes it ideal for signing documents. It comes in a box of 10 pieces, priced at RM19.00 [currently on sale for RM14.50]. On the other hand, the M&G 13271 Office G Gel Pen is available in 8 different colours allowing you to unleash your creativity to make writing or note-taking extra fun. It also comes with super quick drying ink which makes it perfect for daily use and drawings. The pen is priced at only RM37.50 for 50 pieces [currently on sale for RM33.75].


Ultimately, choosing the right pen that suits your writing style is important for any sort of writing or usage of the pen. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a pen expert, or an experienced pen collector, at Lion File we are committed to helping you to find the perfect pen by offering a wide range for you to choose from.