Creative Scrapbook Ideas for Your Photos

Photo albums and scrapbooks are great means of compiling all your favorite memoirs from over the years. Nowadays, there are many scrapbooking ideas to keep your photos safe and fun. The ocean is your canvas when it comes to scrapbooking as you can incorporate stickers, ribbons, texts, recyclable materials - almost anything you like. These personalized ways would give life and meaning to your photos whenever you decide to walk down memory lane.

Scrapbooks will help to protect your photos from getting damaged in the first place. Also, deciding to jump on the scrapbooker wagon can be a little overwhelming as you might not know where to start. How to overcome this? Turn it into a family activity where everyone can bond and reminisce about the pictures.

Here are a few easy and creative scrapbook ideas for your photos and other memoirs.

Scrapbook Ideas

What You Will Need:

  • Pictures
  • Folder
  • Envelope
  • Puncher
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Permanent Colour Marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper Clips

Envelope Style

This is one of the most organized of the other ideas. It is entirely up to you on how you want to organize them. For example, you can organize by a particular vacation, by person, by year and many more. Get your hands on a Classic Lion Ring File and some envelopes. Using a puncher, punch holes onto the envelopes and input them into the ring file. A Sharpie marker will be perfect to write down the description on each envelope or get creative and use the variety of colours available. Once you are done with the steps above, simply place your photos into each envelope following its respective category.
Classic Lion File Ring File

Travel Theme

This theme could be something you do with your special one or your friends. You could incorporate a world map in your scrapbook to identify all the places you have been.

Using a location map, cut up the portion of the map on where you trip was and paste it onto a manila card. That could be a base on each page of your scrapbook. You can use binders or rings to keep them all in place. Alternatively, you can cut out a picture in the shape of the countries or states you visited and paste it on the map base. To keep it unique, you could also incorporate tickets and passes from the place rather than just pictures. For example, you can paste the name card of the hotel you stayed in or a trinket you purchased from the local store.

Using your permanent colour marker, decorate your scrapbook by drawing cute little shapes or borders. Once you gather all the items that you plan to incorporate, just combine them all together and keep the scrapbook going for the future years to come.

Interactive Theme

What is more exciting than a scrapbook that is interactive and that pops up? The technique is to fold over the picture or the card to make a lift-up window or a pop-up. If it is a gift to someone, make it interactive by putting arrows and a road map in the entire scrapbook.

Other interactive ways besides a pop-up:

  • You can incorporate real flowers and leaves by flattening it using an iron and paste it on the cover or   in any of the pages.
  • Use old buttons to create a design on the cover.
  • Use scrap cloth materials to make each page unique.
  • Use paper clips to turn them into mini hangers as a cool feature in your scrapbook. How? You need to extend the paper clip and bend it accordingly. Then, use pliers to make a hook.
  • If you are a beach bum, save a little bit of the sand each time you visit different beaches in a Ziploc bag and add them to your interactive scrapbook.

Journal Theme

Next, a journal theme scrapbook will speak more to those that are already journaling daily. You only need to add more pictures to your book. However, for those that are not into journaling but relate to this more, all you need to do is purchase a hardcover book. On every occasion or even daily, paste a picture, a note, or anything that stood out to you on that day, and write a short caption or description about it. Stickers and magazine cutouts are one of the things that could add more character into your scrapbook. It will be great to remember the same feeling you felt looking at it a couple years later. Get that Sharpie out and start scribbling away.

Lion File supplies all sorts of stationeries to help you on your creative and joyful scrapbooking journey. Whether it is a hobby or a one-time gift to someone, do give scrapbooking a try as you never know what you might unlock in your photo pile.