Faber Castell Correction Tape + Refill - 1pc

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Correction Tape with Refill for better value


Faber Castell Correction Tape Refillable:
The Correction Tape provides excellent coverage with smooth adhesion on all paper surfaces including fax paper. The Tape is 5 mm wide with a length of 6 meters, to guarantee long-lasting usage. The tape can be refilled in a quick and easy way, which helps to reduce waste. The tape can be protected with a cover when not in use and the correction tape can additionally be used as a memo holder.

Product Details:
- Excellent coverage with smooth adhesion
- Comes with a protective cover to prevent the tip
- Ideal for all paper surfaces including fax paper
- Refillable
- 5mm x 6m
- Available in Pink, Blue and Black casing colour
- Colour of Correction Tape will be distributed randomly

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