Magnetic Whiteboard - Various Sizes

Dimension: 1.5' x 2' (450mm x 600mm)
Sale priceRM27.00 MYR


Premium quality and affordable magnetic whiteboard


The multifunctional magnetic whiteboard can be used for writing or drawing. Magnetic whiteboard is significantly useful for individual brainstorming and collaborative work in the group.

The magnetic whiteboard has a smooth and durable magnetic surface. It is designed to improve user's writing experience. It comes in durable aluminium frame with safe PVC corners

Moreover, it has an adjustable aluminium marker pen tray for users to leave their marker pens, whiteboard eraser and other whiteboard accessories on the tray.

The magnetic whiteboard can be mounted vertically or horizontally, based on the user's preference.

Now available in several sizes: 1.5ft x 2ft (450mm x 600mm), 2ft x 3ft (600mm x 900mm), 3ft x 4ft (900mm x 1200mm), 4ft x 6ft (1200mm x 1800mm) and 4ft x 8ft (1200mm x 2400mm).

Let's unleash the creativity and imagination for innovation boost, to enhance our work results.

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