Papermate Dryline Ultra Correction Tape Refill - 1pc

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Papermate Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra is the perfect correction pen for both right and left-handed users. With its ergonomic pen-style design, you can correct it for long or short periods of time. Don’t worry when your tape is finished because you can simply refill the product with our Dryline Ultra Refill. All you have to do is flip open the lid, replace the empty cartridge with a new cartridge and snap shut- the tape is ready to go. Papermate Liquid Paper Dryline Ultra also features a tip guard that prevents damage to both the tip and tape, while the tape itself is strong and tear-proof to prevent breaking in general.

Tape Size:
5mm x 6m (1/5″ W x 19.6′ L)
Tape Packaging:
2 rolls of refill in 1 piece of item

Product Features:
The pen-style case is comfortable to hold for both right and left-handed users
Flip back top makes it easy to refill
Tip cover prevents tape from looping when in a bag or briefcase
The strong tear-proof tape helps prevent breaking
No drying time needed before copying, faxing, rewriting or typing

Place your paper on a firm, flat surface. Position the tip of the applicator flat on the paper and slowly roll over the error while maintaining a firm, even pressure. When the area is completely covered, stop and lift the dispenser.

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