Economy 80gsm Brown Kraft Envelope Various Size

Size: 4.5"x9.5"
Quantity: 50pcs/pack
Sale priceRM3.50 MYR


Available Size in:

1) 4.5" x 9.5" envelopes - 114mm x 241mm

2) 6.375" x 9" envelopes - 162mm x 229mm. Half A4 paper size.

3) 12-3/4" x9" Envelopes - 324mm x 229mm

4) 10" x15" Envelopes - 254mm x 381mm

5) 12" x16" Envelopes - 305mm x 406mm

Brown recycled kraft paper. Good strength for sending out bulky documents, and for that classic image. A4 folded twice into thirds.

Made with 80gsm brown kraft recycled paper. Thick and sturdy for that professional/premium feels to your package.

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