Flip Chart Board - 2' x 3'

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Useful for uplifting team productivity!

It has been long proven that a flip chart board can effectively facilitate group work to boost team results and productivity.

This flip chart board in 2' x 3' size can consist of a series of large pieces of paper to present information to an audience. The strong clips at the top can hold papers and turn over one piece of paper at a time.

The flip chart board consists of magnetic whiteboard in the aluminium frame. Hence, it can be attached with magnets for holding papers during the presentation. Its smooth surface displays excellent colour contrast with markers. So the audience can get a good view at the display.

The flip chart board's height is adjustable to your preferred. The 4 lockable castor wheels help to keep the board stable and durable. So you can feel safe and comfortable using the useful tool.

Flip chart boards, like chalkboards and whiteboards, allow for a certain amount of spontaneity. They are appealing for drawing out concepts to enable better understanding and getting the team to perform better together.

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