Lion File - PP Colour Rigid Box File

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Colour: Blue
Packing: 1 pcs
Sale priceRM20.00 MYR Regular priceRM22.00 MYR


Comes in 5 colours: Blue, Black, Red, Green, Silver

Available in single piece or 10 pieces/carton.

Great for storing documents.


Lion File brand rigid Box File.

Durable and built for easy carry.

Good for storage of documents in an enclosed case. Fits A4 and F4 sized documents. Great for storing your foolscap sized documents, reports, files and more. Comes with 75 mm spine and a large capacity, holding up to 400 sheets so you can store a large amount in a small space. The heavy duty construction allows the file to be stable in either an upright or flat position.

Plastic Cover inside and out.

    • The heavy duty cardboard construction allows the file to be sturdy and stable.

    • The strong metal clip securely holds your documents in place.

    • The built-in finger hole allows you to easily pull the file off a shelf.

  • It has a black design to blend in with pre-existing decor.

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