Pilot Super Grip Mechanical Pencil H185(0.5mm) / H187(0.7mm) - 12pcs/Box

Point Size: H185(0.5mm)
Sale priceRM48.00 MYR


The trusted brand for mechanical pencils


The Pilot Super Grip is suitable for your everyday use with its colourful grip, clip and mouthpiece. Its sliding metal sleeve helps to prevent lead breakage. Used together with Pilot’s super smooth and super strong pencil lead, your writing will be clean, dark and you won’t be slowed down by lead breakage.

Available in 8 colours - black, blue, red, neon green, neon blue, neon orange, neon red and neon violet

Colours will be distributed randomly based on stocks availability.

Available in 0.5mm (H185) and 0.7mm (H187)

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