Plus Correction Tape MR WH 605 6m - 10pcs/Box

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Malaysian's favourite correction tape!

Plus Correction Tape MR WH 605 6m - 10pcs/Box

Tape Size: 5mm x 6m (1/5″ W x 19.6′ L)

Materials: Recycled Plastic (Main Casing: Recycled Polystyrene (PS) )

Mini roller head: mini roller head offers smooth, consistent corrections.

Flexible head function: MR applies tape firmly to the paper and its flexible head can be maneuvered to perform detailed corrections.

2 Way corrections: Pull for a whole sentence, push for one letter, This means neat results by keeping a close eye on the parts intended for correction whilst making the corrections.

Easy to hold pen-style: It contains 6m long tape in an ergonomic pen-style design. Ideal for both carrying and storing.

Easy refilling method: The refill cartridge can be removed and inserted quickly and easily. Its small size means less plastic for disposal.

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