Promaster A4 Laminating Film (100 Micron) 100's

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Effectively increases the durability of printing materials

Promaster A4 Laminating Film (100 Micron) 100's

This product is a 100% genuine Promaster Laminating Film
  • Ultra-premium quality hot laminating film
  • High transparency
  • Strong adhesive
  • Low melt
  • Perfect Flatness
  • Thickness: 100 micron
  • Size: 220mm x 310mm
  • Packing Quantity: 100's
User's guide:
  1. Only used for hot laminating machine.
  2. Follow the instruction manual included with your laminating machine.
  3. Select appropriate pouch size for item to be laminated. (Note: Should be at least 3mm space on all sides)
  4. Insert item to be laminated in pouch.
  5. Insert pouch into the throat of the laminating machine with sealed end goes in first.

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