Respack KF94 Kids Medical Face Mask 20'S

Sale priceRM26.80 MYR


- Size: 165mm x 65mm Type

- Quantity: 20 Pieces

- Suitable for Age: 4 and above

- KF94 Face Mask Product Details: ASTM: ASTM Level III (Fluid Resistance mmHg 160, BFE > 98% @3 microns, PFE > 99% @0.1um.


- Filter out fine particles including viruses, mold spores, and asbestos

- Three-dimensional mask with a lightweight structure for easy breathing

- Adjustable nose bridge and elastic ear loop has enough elasticity to make a good seal

- Multilayer protection, can filter out dust, germs, smoke, and almost 98% of particles in the air

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