Essential School Supplies

We know that with the ongoing pandemic, a lot of students are being homeschooled or simply attending virtual classes via Zoom. Even with that, there’s still a need for stationery and school supplies. It is vital that every student have sufficient and the right school supplies to have a successful school year. From writing essentials to new generation needs, we have rounded up some of the must-have items for school, no matter how the learning process currently is. Shopping for school supplies can be a tiresome affair, so in order to make it a more pleasant experience, make sure to check out our essential back to school supplies checklist below.

1. Mechanical Pencil

Pilot Progrex Mechanical Pencil

Let’s start with the no-brainer stationery. Every student from primary school, secondary school and even college would require the most coveted “Mechanical Pencil”. This is perfect to be used during note-taking, homework, revisions, exams etc.

Pilot OPT Shaker Mechanical Pencil has an ergonomic grip for an easy-hold, and is retailed at only RM7.70 per piece. Use it together with Pilot Pencil Lead that is super smooth and strong, for a clean and pigmented writing. If you are looking for a cheaper, high quality mechanical pencil, check out Faster Colourful Mechanical Pencil which is priced at only RM2.00 and has a dual retract function that acts like a pen - essentially means less lead breakage. For purchase of a slightly large quantity, an ideal choice would be G'Soft 88 Shake Mechanical Pencil which comes in a box of 48 pieces, currently on sale for RM76.80 only.

2. Pen

Paper Mate InkJoy

During this pandemic, most examinations are being submitted online and some even require papers to be scanned. In some cases, the scanned submissions come with instructions for everything to be written using a specific pen. For instance, students sitting for internal examinations that have specific guidelines requiring the use of a ballpoint pen can opt for Faber-Castell Grip X that comes with either 0.5mm or 0.7mm point size.  If you are looking for pens with bright colours to make your note-taking more fun and interesting, then Paper Mate InkJoy would be your best choice as it comes in 5 colours - green, light blue, orange, pink and purple and priced at only RM16.00 for 25 pieces.

Also, see Pen Buying Guide | Find the Right Pen for Your Writing Style to understand the differences between the types of pens available and make the right choice.

3. Highlighter

Faber Castell Textliner

Highlighting is a super popular study method of students. The use of bright colours captures attention and is especially stimulating for visual learners. Every student should have one to make their note-taking and textbook more interesting.

Stabilo Swing Cool Pocket Highlighter creates exceptional quality highlighters and is available in 6 fluorescent colours. The highlighter also comes with Anti-Dry Out technology - in other words, you can leave the cap open for up to 4 hours and it will still work perfectly! On the other hand, Faber Castell Textliner 38 comes in a slim barrel with a special tip which allows both thin and broad marking. This super fluorescent textliner is priced at RM22.00 for a box of 10 pieces.

4. Correction Pen / Correction Tape

Plus Correction Tape

This is a much-needed correction essential to cover errors on hand-written notes, homework, photocopies, faxes and even printer output. Papermate Correction Pen is one of the most common one among students, thanks to its precision needle tip and squeeze-control applicator which ensures clean, pinpoint corrections. As for correction tape, Plus Correction Tape comes in an ergonomic pen-style design with a refillable cartridge that can be removed and inserted quickly and easily.

  • Eraser
  • Glue
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