How to Be More Productive & Efficient with a Whiteboard

Multitasking and juggling a dozen tasks is the new norm. Whether you are running an entire household, a manager leading an important project with a large team and many deadlines to meet or simply a student with back-to-back classes and assignment submissions - planning, organizing, and scheduling everything is vital especially for someone who is always on the run. 

That brings us to the good ol’ fashion whiteboard which is an excellent tool for many scenarios. It provides physical and visual representation for every organisation need and preference. Now, let’s find out how to be more productive and efficient with whiteboards by using the right materials and tools.

How To Be Productive With A Whiteboard

Search for Whiteboard Ideas

Start with - Why do you need a whiteboard? What sort of information are you looking to organize or task to keep track? Maybe you need a list of reminders? In order to use your whiteboard effectively, you have to first decide on the purpose of it and make sure to have a rough idea for the usage of the whiteboard.

Here are some ways to use your whiteboard anywhere:

  • Create a list of daily tasks to accomplish
  • Maintain a calendar to track projects and meetings
  • Inspiration corner or mood board for plans, ideas or goals
  • Prioritize and highlight your reminders

Design a Whiteboard Productivity Layout

Know that when implemented well, whiteboards can help a person or an organization to stay on top of things and be productive. We recommend developing a whiteboard productivity layout that will keep you in check.

All you need to do is designate certain areas of the board for specific tasks or projects - or you can even create columns for different goals. The key is to ensure that each task or objective has its own area on the whiteboard. It’s no secret that it can be quite challenging to stay focused without getting distracted by random scribbles and noted on the board. Hence, this productivity layout will enable a clear visually represented area for each task and you can check it off one by one.

Create a Kanban-style Whiteboard

Don’t be afraid of the term “Kanban”. It is actually a historical visual tool used to help a team keep track of a project - created by an industrial engineer from Toyota in the 1940s. To get started, you or your team could break up projects into smaller chunks and write it onto colour-coordinated sticky notes, adding them to a 'To Do' column. Over time, you move the notes along throughout the columns so everyone can track the progress and stay up-to-date.

Use Colours for Whiteboard Organization

Whiteboard Tip 101: Get creative and use coloured markers and sticky notes to create a more visually-appealing and organized board. Colours are amazing for creating an illustrative way to evaluate and interpret information. As a visual communication tool, usage of colours could capture attention and ensure everyone stays focused.

For instance, if you are a manager assigning tasks to your employees - consider setting a specific colour for each employee. This is an excellent way to save time and be effective when using a whiteboard as it creates a very organized and understandable overview of all the plans and tasks. Moreover, using different colours helps to segregate information and it is a much simpler approach than viewing one big block of text in a single colour on the whiteboard. Pro Tip: Avoid light coloured markers as they are not as visible from a distance and might not be as easy to read for the rest of people in the room. Plus, lighter colors are more difficult to photograph if you need to share the content or save as reference.

Devise a Weekly Organizer Whiteboard

What is a weekly organizer whiteboard? It is basically a planner for your week, from Monday to Sunday and it is so versatile that it would work perfectly for everyone. To get started, draw up a seven-day week table and fill in your tasks, meetings or even deadlines. This method results in increased efficiency and better time management as your week is planned, organized and nicely laid out on a whiteboard. No doubt it might take you about 15 mins or so to draw up the organizer but rest assured that it would probably save you hours for the rest of the week. If you are a student, a whiteboard can be used to help you stay on top of classes, due courseworks, exams, and practical requirements or even as a reminder to prep your meals.

A simple whiteboard can really supercharge your productivity in a multitude of settings, whether you are in the office, at home, or in college. Lion File offers different whiteboards in various sizes to fit your needs and preference ->


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Magnetic Whiteboard

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Notice Board

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Flip Chart Board

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