Sticky Note Hacks and Ideas: Office Edition

In a world where software reigns supreme, there is a conventional stationery that is still thriving as a productive tool - sticky notes. In fact, many software companies have attempted to digitize sticky notes, however, no application has proven to be more effective or provide the same level of convenience and flexibility as the mini square piece of paper itself. It could potentially be due to the fact that our brain processes information better when hand-written rather than when typed out on a computer.

On top of that, sticky notes are cost-effective and really easy to use. At only RM15.00 (currently on sale for RM12.75) for 12 pads, CBE Self Stick Notepad works perfectly as a self-adhesive sticker which is reusable and repositionable. Best part, it sticks securely and removes cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

While there are no right and wrong ways to use sticky notes since it’s super versatile, there are definitely ways to optimize the experience and make the most of it. Basically there are two main benefits for sticky notes at the office - to increase productivity and for creative team-building hacks.

Increase Productivity at the Office

  • To-Do Lists: This is one of the oldest hacks in using a sticky note. You can simply list down all your tasks for the day and tick it off as you go - disposing the sticky note once everything is completed. Or, you could simply assign sticky notes of different colours for different tasks to help with easy identification as well. Stick the little notes on your office table, around your computer monitor or in your notebook. It’s noticeable and easy to keep track of.

Sticky Notes: To-Do Lists

  • Reminders: Use a whiteboard to draw up a monthly calendar. From there, jot down meetings and key deadlines on sticky notes to add to the board. This will serve as a main source of reference to help everyone take note of meetings scheduled and project deadlines. Employees can also add sticky notes to mark their days off so the team can plan accordingly and provide necessary back-ups.

    Pro-Tip: Use fun and bright coloured sticky notes such as Scripti Removable Stick-On Notes that come in 5 neon colours to brighten up the office calendar.

  • Kanban-Style Board Meeting: Given that sticky notes are an excellent tool for visualization, it is great for creating Kanban boards, flow charts and project management. You can use sticky notes of different colours and sizes to map out the project flow and timeline. The team can track and amend milestones and progress easily by simply shifting the sticky notes on the board.

    See How to Be More Productive & Efficient with a Whiteboard for more Kanban hacks.

Kanban-Style Board Meeting

Team-Building Hacks

  • Team Milestones: Divide a board into two sections and name each side - “Goals” and “Accomplishments”. Next, get team members to set their goal for the month, write it on a piece of sticky note and put it up on the board. The sticky note can be easily removed and shifted to the other side of the board once the goal has been accomplished. By having the goals and accomplishments stated on brightly coloured sticky notes on a board, the team will be more motivated each time they walk by.

    Try Astar Sticky Notes for this activity as it comes in multiple colours for only RM30.00 (currently on sale for RM18.00) per box with 12pads.

  • Fun Facts: This activity works great as an ice breaker and for your team members to get to know each other better. Start by getting employees to write a “fun fact” about themselves on a sticky note that no one else in the office knows about. Then, gather all the colourful sticky notes and put it up on a board. Here’s where the fun begins! Every employee will get to vote or guess which sticky note belongs to who - basically match the fun fact on each sticky note to a person in the office. This activity can also work during break time as it is pretty simple and is a really fun way to use sticky notes.

Fun Facts

  • Art Gallery: Bring out the artistic side of your team members by using sticky notes to create an art gallery. The only tools you will need are sticky notes, glass windows and your creativity! Split your employees into a couple of teams and assign different spaces for each team. Employees can then use different coloured sticky notes to put together and create unique designs or characters on the windows. Perhaps there can be a monthly theme and mini competition for employees to unleash their creativity and have a little fun together. This will also increase healthy competition and create beautifully designed space in the office. 

Sticky-note art gallery

Check out how a Google office became a sticky-note art gallery

In a nutshell, the use case and creativity for sticky notes are limitless. Since it’s affordable, easy to use and lightweight, it will come in handy in a lot of situations. Just have fun with the sticky notes and continue finding new ways to use it for anything and everything. Shop for sticky notes and other stationery items at