Tips To Climb The Corporate Ladder

We see a lot of people being retrenched during this worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and sustaining an existing employment is a constant battlefield - but that does not mean you can’t climb the corporate ladder that you’ve been striving for. Gone are the days whereby burning the midnight oil is proof of hard work or simply waiting for your manager to hand you a promotion was the way to go.

Have you ever wondered how your colleague is moving up the ladder and getting promoted at work faster? Wondering what they’re doing right that you’re not despite the long hours you have put in?

Well, here’s your chance to fast-track your way up the corporate ladder. We have put together a list on how to climb the corporate ladder effectively as a guide for your career growth.

Brainstorming Meeting

Develop a Solid and Achievable Game Plan

Set up detailed career goals for yourself - almost like a roadmap for your career. It should include long term goals that could bring you to the peak of your career as well as several short term or interim plans that will drive your career growth. Using those goals, work hard but work smart too - innovate every possible task in your role, focus on getting work done in the simplest and time-efficient way. Next, constantly remind yourself of your goals and keep track of them. Maybe with some sticky notes around your workspace? This will motivate you to work harder towards your career goals once you notice that you have achieved certain milestones in your career. Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to re-strategise and improvise your plan as you go along.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Placing great importance on attitude is an effective way to climb the corporate ladder. From being a team player to an initiator - having a positive, can-do attitude is the goal as it will help steer you towards a promotion at work. Building positive relationships with your colleagues and mentoring whenever possible would also showcase great leadership skills. On top of that, focus on teamwork, demonstrate mutual respect and approach every obstacle with a “glass half full” mentality. The thing is, a vast majority of employees are executors - basically only doing a task when given or asked to. Be an initiator and embrace the role positively - always think a step ahead and a level above you. That will set your path to a promotion.

Build a Strong Professional Network

Networking is key to climb the corporate ladder fast and successfully. Leverage your network to be introduced to the upper-level management and stay within the circle to be recognised for your value and help you achieve that desired promotion. Next, take note of the company’s goals and values - align your efforts, objectives and goals towards that as well. Most importantly, build a relationship with your manager, get to know and understand them, study their behaviors and priorities. This will help manage expectations on both ends and create a better working relationship. 

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Expand Your Knowledge and Upskill

Continuous development in the workplace is a significant game changer. It could be in terms of functional, technical or even behavioral skills. Here’s what you need to hear - take that certification course that you have been procrastinating for months. Honestly, there are just SO MANY free online courses available - check this out. You also want to be active on social platforms that focus on professional networking and career development like LinkedIn and mirror industry leaders’ thought process. If you are continuously learning and improving, you will soon be known as an asset to the company. While you are at it, develop yourself to be a subject matter expert in your industry - this will help build credibility not just in your current company but within the industry as well. With all this in check, you will most likely be a step ahead of your competition - working your way up the corporate ladder.

Now, it might seem like there’s a lot to be achieved to get the ball rolling for a promotion at work. But remember that self-growth is the key to career success and growth takes time. Persevere, stay focused and follow the guidelines above to accelerate your career and climb the corporate ladder effectively. 

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