Essential Office Supplies for Startups in 2021

Startups are popping like mushrooms these days and despite the fact that technology might be starting to take over the era, it can never replace the office supplies needed for a startup. Whether the office is well-designed, a converted closet at home or a shiny new space with a business address, it’s important to fill the office with more than just innovative ideas. For an office environment to run smoothly, there are some essential items every office worker needs in their life. A well-stocked office also means more efficient operations and productive working style.

Here are some of the essential office supplies needed for a successful startup.



Number one on the list as a must-have item is some writing tools. This includes everything from pens, markers, highlighters and so on - basically things needed to take notes, write down ideas and plan business operations.

Start by stocking up on the Faber-Castell Click X5 ball pen at only RM31.00 for 60 pieces - perfect for startups with key team members. Of course, with writing there’s always the tendency of making a typo, spelling error and other minor mistakes. As a startup, it’s good to pay attention to details and perfect everything. Prepare in advance and get the Plus Correction Tape MR WH 605 for smooth, consistent corrections. With all the creative ideas being shared, it would make sense to highlight the important ones and action points from brainstorming sessions. The Faster 168 Mini Highlighter is one of the top highlighters with quick drying ink and it comes in a box of 20s for only RM20.00. 

Max HD-10 Stapler


Organising paperwork by categories and grouping them together is part of a normal day-to-day task at the office. Staplers, binder clips and rubber bands all serve the same purpose. It all depends on how well and for how long you want those papers to stick together. 

Retailing at only RM4.30, the Max HD-10 Stapler is one of the most popular staples for everyday use. Its ergonomic styling provides comfortable stapling and it even has built-in staple remover. Now, to keep the staplers working, stock up on top quality staples bullets such as MAX No.10-1M Staples which are made from strong Japanese steel. In addition to that, you can also opt for binder clips made from high-quality corrosion-resistant steel that offer superior holding power.

Premium PP/PP Colour Lion File Lever Arch File F4


Managing important documents and paper clutter can be a real struggle at the office. In order to be more time-efficient and sort through documents more effectively, it is important to have the right files and binders.

Lion File Premium PP/PP Colour Lever Arch File F4 is available in five distinctive colours and it’s perfect for archiving documents. It even includes a classic style kraft paper index divider for document indexing. For the classic and more basic version, there’s Lion File Lever Arch File F4 with printed embossed marble surface and PP centre spine for extra strength. When it comes to daily use with a lighter stack of papers, Lion File Economical Manila Files with Spring Mech would be the right choice. It’s light, sturdy, easy to use and is available in six colours. Purchase a carton of 150 pieces for only RM180.00.


There’s just so many different uses for papers at the office. Other than being an essential item for a photocopy machine, papers are usually distributed during a meeting or brainstorming sessions as well.

With its Trutone Technology, IK Yellow A4 Photocopy Paper gives superior printing results on pigment-based inkjet printers and it complements the most demanding office equipment such as high-speed copier, laser and fax. On the other hand, PaperOne A4 Paper is known as one of the best for monochrome printing. It is also environmentally friendly and uses 100% renewable plantation fibre. For more fun and informal use such as printing of brochures, invites etc, check out Lucky Star Colour Paper which comes in both fluorescent and light colours with a weight of 80gsm, one of the best types of paper in the market. 


In any startup environment, meetings are inevitable. An effective (and interactive) way to conduct daily discussions and brainstorming sessions is by having a whiteboard to easily jot down ideas and plans.

Lion File offers magnetic whiteboards that come in various sizes for different needs and preferences. This multifunctional board can be mounted vertically or horizontally, for both writing and drawing. Magnetic whiteboards are significantly useful for collaborative work in a group. To complement the whiteboard, Artline 509A Whiteboard Marker is needed for temporary writing or drawing on it. It comes in six different colours, so get creative and devise Kanban boards for project launches and strategic plans.

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This list includes the basic supplies needed for an office. For the sourcing of the items needed, it is smart to first create an account with an online store that sells stationery and office supplies so you can conveniently order online and arrange for it to be delivered to your home or office. Contact us at and our team will get in touch.